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A resting place for my bones. A defibrillation of my tween heart through site-building. A conch shell I picked up at the beach and tell everything to, hoping everything said disappears into the waves. Imani Fairy is all those things as much as it is a publishing platform. The blogging infrastructure provides an archiving system to store my writing. Where the white and spacious design of this body, framed within the highly-customised layout, provides a platform to read it that is easy on the eyes, while still submerged in my visual personality. (A catalogue of non-journal writing is underway, pieces are still accessible so long as they can be located).

Imani Fairy is an amalgam of website expression, a personal journal, publishing platform under a pen name, and a storage of web goodies for visitors as a 'thank you' for stopping by.

Navigate using the white buttons to the right. Happy exploring. Forewarning: constantly under co.

+ You: the fun stuff—graphics, resources and entries that are legible.

+ Me: about the author, journals (illegible) and other forms of self expression.

+ Site: details, technicals and links (outgoing).

How to mute this site (on Google Chrome):

Because I know it can get annoying.

Right-click the tab Imani Fairy is open on and select 'Mute Site':


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